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Naturcup size I

21.90 EUR

Made in Spain
100% medical grade silicone
Size: 0, I, II
Color: Clear

SIZE 0: For girls under 18 who do not have regular sexual intercourses and have a light flow.
Capacity: 15ml / Diameter: 40mm / Cup length: 56mm / Total length: 66mm

SIZE I: For women from 18 to 30 who have not given birth vaginally.
Capacity: 22ml / Diameter: 43mm / Cup length: 65mm / Total length: 75mm

SIZE II: For women over 30 or who have given birth vaginally.  
Capacity: 25ml / Diameter: 47mm / Cup length: 65mm / Total length: 75mm

We suggest size II after you are 30 because hips expand naturally as we get older and vaginal muscles loose elasticity even if you had never given birth.
• Naturcup box containing your cup with a cotton pouch in the size of your choice.
• A organic fabric pouch to keep your Naturcup.
• A user guide in several languages.